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Things to Know About Our Moon

Other than thinking about sleep when we see the moon, there remains to be a lot of things we still don’t know about it. There are several cool moon facts and we continue to get to know the moon better through explorations.

The moon is considered as the only natural satellite of our world and humans have continued to send out expeditions to get to know it better. The moon is about 238857 miles away from our planet and it is considered as the fifth largest moon in the entire solar system. The moon, just like the earth also has several mountain ranges. Its tallest peak is named Mon Huygens and is said to be only half as tall as the Mt. Everest in Nepal.

When it comes to cool moon facts, gravity is always part of the things to talk about. Basing it on the experience of astronauts and the studies of experts, gravity is only one fifth in strength on the surface of the moon. Compared to the gravity we experience here on earth, we weigh less when we are on the moon. Because of lack of gravity, the people we see who are walking on the moon may look like they are hopping.

The world’s first moon landing took place in 1969. The United States was the first country to send a man to our natural satellite through the Apollo 11 mission. The space rocket carried Neil Armstrong making him the first man to ever set foot on the moon.

The pockmarked surface of the moon is also visible from the earth. These craters are caused by comets and asteroids that continue to collide to its surface. There is no atmosphere on the moon and because of this, nothing can cushion the impact created by the heavenly bodies as they hit the moon’s surface.

One of the cool moon facts that we now know is that the moon doesn’t have enough water supplies. Contrary to what others think, it would be very difficult for man to thrive on the moon because the place doesn’t have enough water supplies. Additionally, the temperature on the moon is very extreme.

It is so hot during daytime that it reaches past the boiling point of water. At 107 degrees Celsius, the moon can be scalding hot but temperature will abruptly drop at night. You can easily freeze yourself to death when you are on the moon as it can become cold up to -153 degrees Celsius.

There are several other cool moon facts and trivia out there. While there remains to be a lot of things to discover about our natural satellite, one thing is for certain: the moon certainly has bearing on how we lead our lives.
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